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Split Tail Scampi Lure

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Split tail scampi lure - a classic. These products are subcontracted out allowing us to provide them directly to you the customer at a fraction of retail price. Our friends who make these products have a variety of proven colors for us. 
 When it comes to saltwater fishing, we supply the most popular products at the best prices 

     One of the original soft plastic baits in the saltwater industry, this is a saltwater fishing lure that needs to stay in your tackle box. Theyve been tried and tested for years and work excellent. We took it a step further though, and created the bullet jig head with 3d eyes to be the pefect match for split tail scampi lures . This bait is made to mimic the body of a shrimp, with an added forked tail providing life like action Currently shown is the 6.5" hand poured versions, in our popular colors. These work well with the Ocean-Angler 1oz 1.5 oz, 2 oz, and 3oz bullet jig heads

    We offer different colors in the injected version, then we do in the hand poured version. Please note this when ordering
We have a minimum order size of $25. This can be a combination of any product, any qty, and any cost. But the minimum order size is $25. 
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