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Pier Fishing Gaffs and Bait Rigs

We know the importance of catching live bait. Bait fish are essential and one of the best ways to catch something big in the ocean. From Smelt, to anchovies, to mackerel, and others.... live bait is a deadly presentation. The best way to catch them? Live bait rigs.. also known as sabiki rigs. These are an all-in-one rig, and utilize several hooks. This allows you to pull up 6 bait fish at the same time, from a school.

Our  bait rigs come in a variety of sizes and colors, and at a very cheap price!!

But having bait rigs alone isnt good enough.. whats the point of bait rigs on a pier and catching bait? Its to catch bigger fish - i.e. sharks, halibut, rays, and other big sea creatures that roam around piers.  So we also carry Ocean-Angler pier gaffs!!!

Sanhu and Pier Fishing
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