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Rock Cod Jig


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Check out Ocean-Anglers Rigged Rock Cod Jig.
***The price listed includes all of the following, pre -rigged  : bullet jighead, grub tail, and colored skirt. When you click on the skirt color options, it will show the specific colored skirt, to be included in your jig***
This is a powdercoated bullet jighead, with a 6" curl tail grub, or 6" split tail scampi, and attached skirt . Jigs like this can be fished by either dropping them down to the bottom, and simply jigging your rod up and down slowly, or by casting out. If you cast out, try a moderate retrieval, keeping the jig close to kelp, rock, or other structure.
    Great for kayak fishing, and excellent for jetty/breakwall/rock fishing as well . With a wiggling tail, and flared skirt, you achieve multiple types of action from one lure. Dont forget the glow in the dark tail they come with... now youve got visual action combined!!!
Its a killer deal!!

    ( 3 and 4 oz sizes come with indented 3d eyeballs added)

Excellent for Seabass, Calico Bass, Kelp Bass
and any rock cod you can imagine!!
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