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OctoSquid Lingcod Jig


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Careful observation during charter fishing lead Ocean-Angler to the design of this jig. In the Ventura, Oxnard, and Channel Islands areas, there was a swarm of an invasive species. This caused the red colors with dark to outperform all colors in the area for deep sea fishing! Hence - the red and black coloring of this jig. But dont be fooled... there is still one color that closely matches red in the area - GLOW. This jig comes only in two colors! The glow color, and the special red color nicknamed Ventura Red.

One other factor is important in this jigs action. It has a slender shape for the body. This allows it to drop fast in rough currents, and windy conditions so you can get right on the fish when you need to be immediately !!
Available in 8oz and 12oz currently

The jig body is powder coated so it doesnt chip so easily! Comes with an Eagle Claw Nickel Hook

This jig will be your new go-to lingcod jig, or cabezon and rock cod jig.

We always have to thank Ocean-Angler for providing us with its amazing American Made quality products at ridiculous prices
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