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Winged Shads

Wiggle Tail

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These are the winged shads. They are 100% American made, and were designed by pros. The winged shad was originally created in the late 1990s by a veteran bass fisherman and lure designing genius - Greg Garst. This man created the first swimbait decades ago, and hand carved and designed molds in the industry for decades. He was thee top designer for several companies. When he left, the companies folded without his skill.The winged shad was his brain child. This lure is a patented and copyrighted product that has caught more bass, trout, and crappie then anything out there. We carry it in 3 sizes depending on the fish species you are looking to catch.
    With the patented wavy wings, this lure kicks and flutters through the water not only creating a sound disturbance, but also making a visible vibration in the water that entices strikes from a variety of fish species
We are one of the only companies where these specialty lures can be purchased!
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