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Plastic Worms

Bite Magnet

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Plastic worms have been around since fisherman used plastic. They either mimic actual worms, or mimic a modified version of a worm, only with more action and unique colors to entice a bite from an unsuspecting fish. Our worms can be used for bass, or trout, and sometimes even panfish if theyre large enough.!

    We bring worms to you in 2 styles - ringworms and curl tail or ribbontail. With plenty of colors to choose from, and the best prices you can find online. Also remember, these worms are 100% made in America!!

    The ringworm has somewhat of a nightcrawler profile, equipped with a smooth, aerodynamic nose and a body that has circular ridges (or rings) that continue down the body until reaching a flat or sometimes curly tail. These worms are typically 4 to 6 inches in length.

    The curl tail or ribbontail worms tend to range between 7 and 10 inches in length; the majority of which is the tail that is sinuously twisted so it can displace water while causing as much visual pleasure to the bass as possible. The front of the body accounts for about 3 inches of the overall length and is cylindrical in shape, sometimes having circular rings.

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